TSlider Stun Gunoday’s technology electronics are becoming more and more compact, the new Slider Stun Gun shows just how this is accomplished.

The slider stun gun is the smallest stun gun that you can buy today, but dont let its small size fool you. The slider has 3 million volts and 4.9 milliamps of stopping power. The slider is made to look like an ordinary USB flash drive. Remember its not the voltage, its the amperage of a stun gun that packs the power to bring down an attacker. With this small size and amperage you can carry the same stopping power as a 9mm hand gun.

You can get the slider in five different colors and it very inexpensive. Having a stun gun is like having a fire extinguisher, you dont normally need one, but its nice to have when something happens.

The slider is easy to operate and it also has a flashlight feature. The ON/OFF switch is situated on the bottom of the device. Whenever this is in the off position, it works as a safety measure. Whenever in the off position, the flashlight and also stun will certainly not function. Move the BUTTON switch to the on postion. This will turn on the stun and flashlight feature.
Now you can easily push the center white button in order to activate the flashlight. Push the white colored button again to turn off the light. To turn on the stun gun, you will slide and also hold the black switch up to the discharge/activate position. Release the switch to shut off.

Many people do not like carrying something that is large and bulky, the slider is small enough to attach to your keychain so you can carry it almost anywhere you go

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