WStun Gun Voltage vs Amperagehat makes a stun gun effective, is it the voltage or the amperage?

For many years stun guns had 25 thousand volts and were just as effective as the ones today that have multi million volts.

Why is this? What really makes it effective? Why such the high voltage? It is because the public has been mis-informed. Most people believe that the higher the voltage the better the stun gun is, but that is not the truth. What really makes it powerful is the amperage. Stun guns are in miliamps which makes them non-lethal. However since most of the public doesn’t know this the manufactures of them use the voltage to market and sell them.

Since all of the manufactures are in competition with each other they market the stun guns in this way so the customer thinks the higher the voltage the better. A lot of them only have a nine volt battery in side which is amplified to make the higher voltage.

So the real truth is that the voltage just carries the current.  A twenty five thousand volt stun gun can easily penetrate 1/2 inch of clothing. To be effective the stun gun needs to be between 2.5 and 4 milliamps, which is a very small amount. The reason for this is if you had one with 1 amp it would kill a person, making it lethal instead of non-lethal. The purpose of a stun gun is just to disable the attacker, not to kill them. If you made one with 5 milliamps you would burn up the stun gun capacitor. It is impossible to make a stun gun with this amperage.

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