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Unfortunately crime is on the rise everywhere. Self Defense is especially true if you are a young woman, an elderly person, or a child. Self Defense Products provide you with hard striking control over an attacker.
Self Defense Products Jon Good owner of JG Self Defense Products is an expert on Lethal verses Non-Lethal Weapons. Jon makes sure that all clients are properly evaluated in order to provide them with the tools needed to defend themselves. Educating the consumer is one of Jon's first priorities.

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What is a Diversion Safe

Diversion Safe

Diversion SafeIf you never heard of a Diversion Safe then you might be asking what is a Diversion Safe?

Simply put a Diversion Safe is a safe that is disguised to look like an ordinary item you might have in your house. there are different variations such as a can, book or a rock. You can hide your valuables in one of these and no one will know it is there except for you.

Guest Post By Parnel Smith: Long distance travelling usually starts with happiness and end with tiredness. Even in vacations when you plan to travel long distance, it becomes hectic in the end. However, your most important concern during long distance travelling is your safety. Air travel is assumed the safest mode of travel. While, if you have to go on road and during night, it can be dangerous for you and your family. Some bad incidents like accident or theft are two worse possibilities. Here are some legal self defense equipment that you must keep with yourself during long drives. This will help to ensure your safety in long distances.

Guest Post By Parnel SmithThe auto-theft in US has shown a declining trend in the past decade; special thanks to the government that is making our security impregnable. However, the theft stats are still very higher as compared to other countries around the world. According to Criminal Justice Information Services Division (CJISD), the number of motor vehicles stolen in 2005 was 1.2 million. This number has declined to 794616 cars according to 2009 statistics.

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