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Unfortunately crime is on the rise everywhere. Self Defense is especially true if you are a young woman, an elderly person, or a child. Self Defense Products provide you with hard striking control over an attacker.
Self Defense Products Jon Good owner of JG Self Defense Products is an expert on Lethal verses Non-Lethal Weapons. Jon makes sure that all clients are properly evaluated in order to provide them with the tools needed to defend themselves. Educating the consumer is one of Jon's first priorities.

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How To Protect Yourself While Running

Whenever I believe I could squeeze in simply a few even more miles just before dark, I always locate myself going after daylight and awaiting somebody to leap out from behind the shrubs and assault me.

The chance of something like that taking place is very slim, yet it’s feasible.

What Exactly Is The Best Self Defense Weapon?

If you could choose the best weapon for self-defense, which would it be?

Which is the very best overall weapon

What Makes Pepper Spray Work?

pepper spray effectsIf you’ve ever before bitten into a warm chili pepper that was merely a little too spicy for you to handle, then you could understand just how challenging it is to get the burning feeling in your mouth to vanish. The instant pain can be intolerable, and despite the amount of water you consume, it merely doesn’t appear to quit.

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