Guest Post By Parnel Smith: Long distance travelling usually starts with happiness and end with tiredness. Even in vacations when you plan to travel long distance, it becomes hectic in the end. However, your most important concern during long distance travelling is your safety. Air travel is assumed the safest mode of travel. While, if you have to go on road and during night, it can be dangerous for you and your family. Some bad incidents like accident or theft are two worse possibilities. Here are some legal self defense equipment that you must keep with yourself during long drives. This will help to ensure your safety in long distances.


Taser is one of the best self-defense equipment for long distance drives. There are many tasers available with laser technology in the market. Most of them are long range. Therefore, if any thief tries to stop you through his gun, you can easily attack him with taser from the distance of 15 foot. This can injure the thief to some extent. Taser shove two darts of long wires from its mouth to the aimed person. Nearly 500,000 people worldwide are using taser for their self-defense. For long distance travelling, the laser taser is the most effective.


A pepper pen spray in your hand can never give slight idea to the trouble that you are about to attack. There are different types of sprays available in the market in different shapes. You can get spray designed in fountain pen shape that you can keep in your purse or pocket. It sprays effective shots of peeper formula that can fade away the eyesight of the attacked person temporary. While some good sprays are also available, those have range of 10-15 feet. So if some drunken teenage junkies stop you during long drive, you can easily get rid of them through this spray. The price of the peeper pen spray is only $10.

Lipstick Stun gun

Lipstick stun guns can be as disastrous as any normal stun gun. This gun can emit a high voltage of 950,000 volts. It is very handy to carry and look like real red lipstick. It also has a disable pin for the safe use of this equipment. However, keep this gun away from children for their safety. It can be bought from the market at the price of $20-25.

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Parnel Smith

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